Alice Svensson was born in Vietnam in 1991, but was adopted to Sweden when she was 10 months old. At an early age, Alice began to get interested in singing and perform everything from musicals to concerts with classical music, as she also started playing the violin at the age of 6. At age 13, she made her first national tour with the pop group ”Popcorn”, which also consisted of Dominique Pålsson and Andreas Wijk. Later she joined the group ”Helges Allstars” together with la la Amy Diamond, Zara Larsson and the Sandén sisters (Molly, Mimmi and Frida), while she achieved great success as a solo artist in some of the country’s largest talent competitions.

The big breakthrough, however, Alice got with her second place in the TV show Swedish IDOL 2008 where she quickly became ”IDOL-Alice” with the entire Swedish people. So already she was a veteran in the industry and ”Idol” became a springboard to the successful career she has had in recent years.

But since then, Alice’s music genre has evolved tremendously. The new material that is currently being created in the studio is described according to Alice herself as – ”mature, fresher and a whole new page out of me. As I grow, the music must also grow. It is a much deeper sound with much more substance, but still poppy and reflects very much on the person I am ”.

Single releases: Lady Luck, I Wanna Live, Woman, Running With Lions